From this cheeky and enchanted little niche, I write and vlog about women’s issues.¬†Subjects such as life, love, spirituality and leadership in a modern society still biased towards the masculine form.

I seek to create awareness of the illustrious feminine and inspire actions leading more women to lean in where they were passive and afraid before.

We always have a choice: to take up space or make ourselves small; to be heard, not just seen; to be audacious, rather than modest. My aim is to help women choose a defining path that will enlighten their minds, brighten their days, and lighten the loads they carry.

Love, most importantly self-love, makes anything possible. From this place of love deep within, I encourage you to imagine the person you want to be and the career, life, and relationships you  want to have. Visualize a new reality for yourself. Ready?

Let’s make it happen.


woman spark

Love is the spark of life. Love yourself the most and watch your life fall into place.


Disclaimer: We are all culpable and thus responsible for change. Not just for out own lives, but for all of the young women and men growing up in this tilted place.




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