I am self described Offbeat Broad, passionate about women’s wellness and deeply connected to the yogic path.

I’m a certified yoga professional, trained in India at a traditional Yoga Gurukul ( ashram) in Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga, Mindful Meditation and Yoga Therapy.

With love and compassion in my heart, I guide my students and clients through challenges and change so they may achieve a state of balance, happiness and abundance in accordance with their true and fulfilling purpose using the principles and practices of ancient yoga.

I seek to create awareness of the illustrious feminine and inspire actions leading more women to lean in where they were passive and afraid before.

We always have a choice: to take up space or make ourselves small; to be heard, not just seen; to be audacious, rather than modest. My aim is to help women choose a defining path that will enlighten their minds, brighten their days, and lighten the loads they carry.