Yes, I Am a Broad

Just like when Eve Ensler took back the word CUNT, Jane Mills’ A Dictionary of Words About Women has taken back BROAD.

No, it doesn’t mean a broad shouldered woman, nor a woman of loose morals. Not anymore.

Today, to be called a Broad is to be cherished as a liberally minded female. To be tolerant of the misconceptions of others, unconfined by outdated taboos, not limited to a narrow scope of identity.

An Offbeat Broad, the title I fervently gave myself, is a woman who cannot be categorized and one who dances to the sound of her own heartbeat, shedding the confines of other people’s expectations.

For far too long I looked to others and traditions to define me only to find myself stuck in a depressive cycle. Round and round I went from one ideal to another, leaping at acceptance and a foreign made identity that never quite fit well enough. Today I choose no label at all. I choose to love the person I am and to guide other women to find their true purpose and perfect self.

My search for meaning and identity will hopefully help you find the same. And on our journey’s we’ll change what it means to accomplish #LikeAGirl and to become damsels who are #DistressedNoMore.






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